How To Develop Your Intuition

I’m going to assume that we’ve all heard of the saying “follow your gut.” If you haven’t, it’s ok. It’s just a common phrase I’m used to hearing. Now here is the important connection: following your “gut” is a way of saying, how do you feel? Intuition is an inner feeling. It’s NOT a forced thought! It’s an inner knowing that invigorates some sort of feeling. This can be a “good” feeling or a “not so good” feeling. All with the purpose of guiding you in a direction that serves you.

Intuition can happen instantaneously or maybe later than expected. It depends on the situation and how in-tune you are with your feelings. So how do you follow this “inner feeling?” Your first step is to acknowledge that you have this natural gift and IT IS within you.

Here are some ways to develop your intuition…

Meditate: Meditation is key to becoming more intuitive. Through meditation, you can learn to quiet your mind, calm your emotions, listen to your body, access higher wisdom, resolve personal issues, come up with solutions and decisions that reflects your truth. Meditation can open doors to transform yourself and your path in life.

Embrace Nature: You embrace nature by taking time to go outside and observe it. Put your devices away (you can do it!), get out of the house, take a simple walk in nature and allow yourself to recognize how you feel. View the stars in the night’s sky. Open a window and just listen. Taking some time to observe nature helps quiet all of the “hustle and bustle” in our busy lives and allows a sense of peace to overcome and fulfill us. This ultimately tunes you in to your inner guidance and strengthens your feelings.

Physical Activity: Physical activity is another way to develop your intuition. Walking, running, biking, swimming, or doing something that requires no attention like washing dishes, laundry, or showering. You intuitively clear your mind of distractions and focus on yourself.

Trust Yourself: This may sound easy, but may be the most difficult to overcome. Many of us are raised to follow someone else’s rules. We go to school to learn a certain way, we get jobs to work for someone else with their rules, we listen and follow a multitude of media that infuse our minds with all sorts of information, we get concerned over what other people think of us, we listen to “societies” rules of conformance. And without realizing it, we move away from our own thoughts and let society guide our choices. If this has become you, try the previous three ways to develop your intuition and allow yourself to “Trust Yourself!” You will be amazed at how well this will work and how positive you will feel.


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3 Major Benefits of Follow Your Intuition for Success

Have you ever had to make a decision, thought through it, rationalized it, compared your first thought to your second thought, etc, then finally acted on your “deciding thought” only to find yourself wishing you had made a different decision? Yeah, we’ve all been there. We most likely weren’t following our intuition and instead using our “logical” thought process. So what is intuition? Intuition is our inner knowing that guides us to the outcomes we “really” want, no matter what we are creating. Intuition is your inner self or true self that we all have been gifted with to guide us through life.  If it hadn’t been for this gift this blog would not exist and I would not have accomplished all of the wonderful things in my life.

Learning to recognize and follow your intuition can have amazing benefits that will propel you to successes in your life! Here are three major benefits to follow your intuition for success:

1. Enhanced Creativity

Creativity springs up an inner wisdom developing a form of self-communication. Following your intuition and speaking to yourself helps you develop thoughts that are unique to you and void of 2nd party opinions. This is creativity being birthed.

2. Improved Self-Knowledge:

Learning to recognize and follow your intuition helps you see new sides to yourself – things you never realized you were capable of, heights of knowledge you never knew you could reach. In addition, this ultimately improves self-confidence and enhances decision making.

3. Better Mental Health

Developing and trusting your intuition is a mental exercise. When you let your intuition guide you, you build confidence in your decisions and in yourself overall. You become less dependent on others in taking a stand, in other’s opinions or decisions. The result is you get rid of those regretful decisions that ultimately lead to stress, depression, anxiety, etc. You thrive with good feelings because you know your intuition will not lead you astray.

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First blog post

Get to Know Me

I’m an inspirational speaker, coach, and soon to be author. I’m also a proud mother of five beautiful children, a bone cancer survivor, and an Ironman  triathlete. I have a powerful story to share with the world.

At 18 years old, I was diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer called Ewing’s Sarcoma.  I was given only 3 months to live! Everyday seemed to be a battle for my life including several near death experiences! I endured a life of physical and emotional pain. I was alone on this journey and found it in me to OVERCOME. I have finally decided to unwrap these details of my past and share my story globally, inspired to help people overcome their circumstances, heal their pain, and ignite passion in their lives once again! 

Despite my challenges, I received a Bachelor’s Degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University while raising three children and teaching fitness and health classes at my local fitness center.  After graduating, I was hired as an engineer at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.  In addition to all of my ambitions,  I became an Ironman Finisher four months after my knee surgery, completing a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride, and 26.2-mile run!  I built an incredible network marketing business where, within three months, I earned a luxury vehicle and created residual income.  My business thrived with over 200 people on my team, helping them build their dreams into reality.

I believe that we all have the to power to become what we truly desire regardless of circumstances or obstacles that come our way.  We must fuel our heart’s desire and ignite the passion to reach our unlimited potentials!! If you don’t believe you can, I DO believe in YOU!

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