STEP Out of Fear

What is fear?

Fear is not just being fearful of jumping out of an airplane, being chased by a dog, or coming face-to-face with a bear.  Those are our human instincts to survive in this earthly world, but we are more than just a physical human body.  We ALL have a spiritual presence within us that many people haven’t tapped into.

Fear is the opposite of love.  Fear makes you feel doubtful, worthless, and have a lack of self-confidence. Fear prevents you from living your life purpose, finding your passion, and living a life you truly deserve.  The caveat is that fear is part of life and will always be there, but we must acknowledge and embrace our FEARS just like we acknowledge and embrace our JOYS in life. We must be thankful for fear as it’s here to protect us but must understand that fear shouldn’t control our passions and purpose in life.

What happens when we allow ourselves to be fearful?

We begin to have anxiety, depression, pain, or sickness.  These are specially designed signals created for you that go off when it’s time to heal your inner wounds, release your limitations, and make room for purpose that you can be grateful for. If you choose not to heal these inner wounds, the alarms will keep going off like hitting the snooze button on an alarm clock.

You’ll find yourself saying, “Easier said than done.”

Now STEP OUT of fear!

It’s simple but it takes time to figure out the source or sources.  Some clients have deep inner wounds or childhood traumas that are hidden in their subconscious mind, while others may have limiting beliefs or blocks.  Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide that you’re done suffering or having a career that Is sucking life out of you.  It’s a CHOICE!!!  No one is going to come rescue you, you must ASK God/Source/Universe for help.  The rest is a journey and you will not be alone.  God will place the perfect people at the perfect time for you which will often be a realization AFTER you make the choice to heal.

You are supported. Everything you give, you get back.

I say this now out of love from a broken childhood, life-threatening cancer, and other sufferings. There’s no need to fear because you have God’s support above all else.

I was once there, in a hole of darkness, thinking there was NO way out. I always knew there WAS a way out, but it took me awhile to embrace my inner guidance. I was guided by God/Source/Universe to live and fulfill my purpose. There is a way out and it starts with one moment, one prayer…tune in and LISTEN.

You are worth it. You are the light! God fills us with light through our brokenness. I was able to heal through the darkest midst of suffering and so can you.


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How To Develop Your Intuition

I’m going to assume that we’ve all heard of the saying “follow your gut.” If you haven’t, it’s ok. It’s just a common phrase I’m used to hearing. Now here is the important connection: following your “gut” is a way of saying, how do you feel? Intuition is an inner feeling. It’s NOT a forced thought! It’s an inner knowing that invigorates some sort of feeling. This can be a “good” feeling or a “not so good” feeling. All with the purpose of guiding you in a direction that serves you.

Intuition can happen instantaneously or maybe later than expected. It depends on the situation and how in-tune you are with your feelings. So how do you follow this “inner feeling?” Your first step is to acknowledge that you have this natural gift and IT IS within you.

Here are some ways to develop your intuition…

Meditate: Meditation is key to becoming more intuitive. Through meditation, you can learn to quiet your mind, calm your emotions, listen to your body, access higher wisdom, resolve personal issues, come up with solutions and decisions that reflects your truth. Meditation can open doors to transform yourself and your path in life.

Embrace Nature: You embrace nature by taking time to go outside and observe it. Put your devices away (you can do it!), get out of the house, take a simple walk in nature and allow yourself to recognize how you feel. View the stars in the night’s sky. Open a window and just listen. Taking some time to observe nature helps quiet all of the “hustle and bustle” in our busy lives and allows a sense of peace to overcome and fulfill us. This ultimately tunes you in to your inner guidance and strengthens your feelings.

Physical Activity: Physical activity is another way to develop your intuition. Walking, running, biking, swimming, or doing something that requires no attention like washing dishes, laundry, or showering. You intuitively clear your mind of distractions and focus on yourself.

Trust Yourself: This may sound easy, but may be the most difficult to overcome. Many of us are raised to follow someone else’s rules. We go to school to learn a certain way, we get jobs to work for someone else with their rules, we listen and follow a multitude of media that infuse our minds with all sorts of information, we get concerned over what other people think of us, we listen to “societies” rules of conformance. And without realizing it, we move away from our own thoughts and let society guide our choices. If this has become you, try the previous three ways to develop your intuition and allow yourself to “Trust Yourself!” You will be amazed at how well this will work and how positive you will feel.


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3 Major Benefits of Follow Your Intuition for Success

Have you ever had to make a decision, thought through it, rationalized it, compared your first thought to your second thought, etc, then finally acted on your “deciding thought” only to find yourself wishing you had made a different decision? Yeah, we’ve all been there. We most likely weren’t following our intuition and instead using our “logical” thought process. So what is intuition? Intuition is our inner knowing that guides us to the outcomes we “really” want, no matter what we are creating. Intuition is your inner self or true self that we all have been gifted with to guide us through life.  If it hadn’t been for this gift this blog would not exist and I would not have accomplished all of the wonderful things in my life.

Learning to recognize and follow your intuition can have amazing benefits that will propel you to successes in your life! Here are three major benefits to follow your intuition for success:

1. Enhanced Creativity

Creativity springs up an inner wisdom developing a form of self-communication. Following your intuition and speaking to yourself helps you develop thoughts that are unique to you and void of 2nd party opinions. This is creativity being birthed.

2. Improved Self-Knowledge:

Learning to recognize and follow your intuition helps you see new sides to yourself – things you never realized you were capable of, heights of knowledge you never knew you could reach. In addition, this ultimately improves self-confidence and enhances decision making.

3. Better Mental Health

Developing and trusting your intuition is a mental exercise. When you let your intuition guide you, you build confidence in your decisions and in yourself overall. You become less dependent on others in taking a stand, in other’s opinions or decisions. The result is you get rid of those regretful decisions that ultimately lead to stress, depression, anxiety, etc. You thrive with good feelings because you know your intuition will not lead you astray.

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“You have 3 months to live”

Those are the words that were spoken to my completely shocked 18-year-old self-back on that fateful day.  I was a young city girl from Jersey and spent my youthful years in south Florida. I had big goals and huge dreams and desires to fulfill. I wanted to make a difference in this world. In order to make my dreams come true, I left my friends and family and went into the military. For the first time in my life, I had the freedom to make my own choices and decisions.  Every teenagers dream, right?

During my time in the military, I received a notice from the medical requesting a mandatory chest x-ray. I was baffled by this request and just shrug it off. I eventually did the x-ray and didn’t put another thought to it.  About a month later, I went to my medical appointment and my medical lieutenant sat me down in his office to discuss my results.

He explains to me that I have this massive tumor on my chest and my blood work results were abnormal. How could this be? I was in the best shape of my life and showed absolutely no symptoms at the time.

I was in complete denial. I didn’t feel like my strong youth body had cancer, nor did I look like I had anything that is wrong with me. There were no symptoms.

Reality hit me hard after my biopsy. I was officially diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer called Ewing’s sarcoma and with such a large mass, you have about 3 months to live.

Shocked. Scared. Sad. Angry. I went through all the emotions.

In the state of confusion, I wondered. What have I done wrong to myself. I ate healthy. I was in the best shape my life. Just like any other teenager, I had my occasional junk food and chocolate bars but in moderation.  I never did drugs or even a cigarette.  I contemplated, what did I do wrong? I had to done something wrong that God was punishing me?

I was alone during this process. I had no family with me. No one to support me, no one to lean or cry on.  It was just me and my thoughts.

Determined to push through the fear, I wasn’t going to allow those fearful thoughts to take over.

As I contemplated, I knew there was something deep in my heart that this was something that I had to go through. This was a challenge or some test that I had to go through. I knew that there was a possibility that I can overcome this. I made it a mission to listen wisely and in the process, live the life the best that I can with the little time that I had.

My lieutenant called me in for another appointment. This time to tell me the military doesn’t have the resources to help but he applied and was accepted to be part of a research study in a pediatric program for terminal diagnosed patients with sarcoma. Finally, there was hope.

I experienced more surgeries, procedures, prodding and more prodding than any young human should ever have to endure. Every single cell in my body was dying from the daily chemotherapy session, and every day I was sicker and weaker than I’ve ever felt in my entire life. I had ribs, lungs, lymph nodes removed on my chest wall. Granted, I was still breathing.

Other pediatrics patients in my unit, from babies to teenagers weren’t so lucky. Many were coming in and passing away on a weekly basis. The grief was palpable and almost unbearable.  I grieved and wish that I can switch places with these beautiful young souls.  It is nothing short of a miracle that I am even here to tell this story today — one of the few lucky ones to survive.

I will be honest, I knew I was slowly dying.  I could feel my body eating itself up. There were times when I didn’t want to go on – when I didn’t think I could go on. At one point, I had lost so much weight that my body was just skin and bones and couldn’t stop getting sick. One day, I had enough, I cried out to my nurse, “ I don’t want to be awake anymore.”   I got up off the bed, shut my machine off, and disconnected my port line from my chest.  As I begin to walk away, everything began to fade, and I passed out.

In that moment, something miraculous happen.

This is when I came face to face with a miraculous light, a huge field of energy emanating the most amazing feeling of pure unconditional love.  This overall feeling of peace and bliss.  It begins to feel familiar and I knew I was in home.

At that moment, I became emotional and didn’t want to go home. I needed to go back.  All these memories that I had to fulfill, and I wasn’t done living. I have no other way to explain it, but a healing went into my soul.  I chosen to come back. I awaken back in my bed in the hospital and began to cry uncontrollably.

Of course, I questioned, “Did that really happen?” This is something that no one will forget. Everything in the world seem different. Awakening with a new perspective in life and an ability to feel others pain and intentions.

Unlike many patients in the hospital, I made a miraculous recovery.  As of today, I am a miracle. When I once thought that I would never make it out alive.  I was gifted a second chance on life.

You see, we all have a have a deep unexplained inner connection with God or Ultimate light source (What ever label you choose) . All of us.  I never had a father growing up. My family was faraway.  Which turned out to be a blessing.  My loneliness allowed me to tap into and connect to a higher-source to find out we are never alone.  In hindsight, this was such a gift.

Eventually, I mustered up the courage to forgive my past and move forward.  I had a lot of healing to do. Despite my deteriorate body, life became pretty amazing.

As the years went by, I wasn’t sure if the cancer was going to return but I wasn’t going to wait or play the victim of a cancer survivor. I took control of my life and went to college, earned my Bachelor’s degree, and worked at NASA. I married the man of my dreams, and despite the doctors, telling me that I’ll never have children, I gave birth to five beautiful children.

Later became an IronMan Finisher (in case you don’t know, it’s a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride, and 26.2-mile run) despite 4 months prior to having knee surgery.  I didn’t take the path of least resistance. This gave me 10 weeks to train.  When things like this happens, we wondered, why does life have to be so difficult? You see, we all have our doubts, anger, and frustrations and say, “Why me”?  But when you feel like the whole world is coming at out?  You are about to have a massive breakthrough.  You are hitting an area that most people don’t make it through.  Don’t quit!! When that breakthrough happens, you’re going to say, WOW, I’m actually here.  I’m doing it and you will hear those words, You Are an Ironman.  Yes, I am an Iron Woman.

There was just one thing missing.  I still had that massive life purpose to fulfill.  And, of course, in 2017 the Universe has a (not-so) subtle way of reminding us why we’re here.

I was told, “A few hours later and you could have died.”

These are the words I heard from my ER doctor after being taken to the Emergency room for acute appendicitis — 19 years after hearing the “3 months to live” diagnosis as my teenage-self. My body had gone septic from a slow leaking appendix. It was the 2rd time in my life that I had come face-to-face with death, but this time something deeply stirred in me.

A person may go to a great college, get straight A’s, land an amazing job but sometimes there’s that voice that that whispers inside you that say’s, “Are you living your truth” “It’s time to do something more with my life.” It was a wake-up call, for sure.

My soul-purpose work in the world is to inspire and help others transform, like I have. Don’t spend years running from fear of sharing your truth, your story, your unique gifts until it’s too late.  I stand for all people to discover their hearts desires and ignite their creative passion … no matter what obstacles that are in the way. We are all magnificent beings with the power to overcome and create anything we want in life. We are born to create. Ask yourself, “What are you going to create”.

My advice to you: live your life like you have one month to live.  Write a letter expressing everything you’ve accomplished and what you want to accomplish in this lifetime that will make a difference in this world.  And, then, go out and do it.  Now. The time is now!

You’re not here to simply “get by,” but to enjoy the magic of life each day.

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