The Power of a Woman

Women are blessed with an incredible ability to create, grow, birth, and nurture life. Naturally, woman nurture their children into incredible life creators so they can be powerful creative beings!? It’s all of our birth right. Can one really argue against women being the most powerful miraculous creators among humanity? Yet, women have been suppressed by their counterparts for all of history. Why have women been thrown under the bus and looked down upon? What are men so afraid of?…

Women continue to stand behind a man allowing themselves to be manipulated to use all their energy to build him up. Women have the power to create villages, towns, cities, countries, all of humanity, yet are either oppressed or succumb to the will of a man. Why?

As a mother, a woman knows her worth and what’s worth fighting for! She chooses her battles wisely and follows her guidance system like a GPS is attached to her hip. She has an intuitive knowing of when her children are in despair, even if it’s something as small as lost homework assignment. A mother’s natural telepathic abilities with her children are remarkably uncanny and so undeniable that her partner wonders if she is even from this universe. Guess what? We have a knowing that we probably are not!

Why is this world masculine-dominated in both men and women?! While women, who are primarily feminine, are naturally powerful creators not just for our children but for humanity as a whole. 

Men encourage women to expand themselves to their true divine being.  Support and honor the feminine power that is within us all and fulfill your divine birthrate and help humanity rise to its ultimate potential.

Kudos to the men that support the rise to the feminine divinity!! We are grateful for you!

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